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  1. What property types do you lend on?
    Single Family Homes, 1-4 Units, 5+ Units, Construction Loans, Commercial properties: office, retail, mixed-use light industrial, etc
  2. What is your min/max loan amount?
    We lend from $50k to 10 million+.  In certain markets on select properties we will go as low as $50k. Please call with your specific scenario.
  3. What is your max LTV?
    60% of the value of the property as determined by PSG Capital Partners.
  4. How do you calculate LTV?
    Based on the value that PSG Capital Partners determines we take a maximum of 60%; for example if the value on a property is 1 million, the loan amount would be 600,000.
  5. Why is your loan to value only 60%?
    Since we are a no-doc lender and solely underwrite on the value of the property, we have to be certain that we are well secured.
  6. What type of programs do you offer (interest only, etc.)?
    How long is the rate fixed for? We offer fully amortizing loans (1, 2, or 3 year terms) as well as interest only options.  The loan structure will be determined based on the unique situations of each transaction.
  7. What are your rates?
    There is no formal rate matrix since each loan is so unique. We price each loan aggressively based on the individual needs of the client.
  8. Do properties have to be seasoned?
    Typically not. The purchase price is usually a good indicator of value especially if it was a recent purchase.
  9. What is your minimum credit score?
    We do not have a minimum credit score.  We are underwriting solely on the value of the property.
  10. Can you do a CLTV? If so what is the max?
    Combined Loan to Value is capped at 80%. Generally we do very few purchase transactions with large secondary financing.  If there is secondary financing on a purchase, our LTV is typically reduced.  The borrower is required to put at a minimum 20% of his/her own cash in the transaction.
  11. My borrower has good credit, but wants a “no-doc” program; can they get a better rate?
    Possibly depending on the property type and the borrower’s credit.  PSG Capital Partners will not be able to beat a full doc lender, but our rates are very competitive to stated lenders.
  12. How do you determine rate?
    Each transaction is unique and is priced individually based on the property type, cash flow of the property, etc. Fill out our PSG Loan Application for a no obligation quote.
  13. Are you ok with tax liens?
    Yes. We understand tax liens and have closed numerous transactions with various tax issues.  All of the tax issues are typically paid off at closing since we typically cannot close a loan with any material title exceptions.
  14. Can you lend on a commercial property that is fully owner occupied?
    Yes, we have closed hundreds of commercial loans on fully owner occupied properties.
  15. What if the borrower is currently in foreclosure?
    We can handle transactions where the borrower is in foreclosure as long as they have enough equity in their property to pay off the first lender to enable PSG Capital Partners to receive a clean first mortgage.
  16. Do you do second mortgages?
    Yes, We have new programs to handle 2nd Trust Deeds to 65% LTV.
  17. What areas do you lend in?
    We lend California only. We cannot do any loans outside of the sate.
  18. Can you help a company with cash flow issues?
    Absolutely. We have closed a number of transactions for companies that have cash flow issues.  Our real estate financing solution is typically substantially cheaper than other financing (materials financing, etc.).
  19. Can you help with the turnaround of a company?
    We can assist in the financing of the real estate in order for companies to gain working capital and pay off debt.
  20. Can we close the loan in a corporation, LLC, etc…?
    Yes, we can accommodate various loan structures based on the transaction.
  21. How Fast Can You Close My Loan?
    If all Disclosures are returned within the 3 day Period, We can close your loan within 3-5 Days. Most close in 7-10 Days.
  22. Can you lend to foreign nationals?
    Yes, we have done many loans for foreign nationals.